Submitted by Aung San U on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 15:02

Excerpt from "Living a Life with Values" by Aung San U

Watching how Su Kyi performed the peace negotiations was like watching someone not capable of construction work, but trying to build a housing complex. Any construction work should begin with a clear set of requirements. Then step by step, construction to commence according to the necessary planned sequence. Foundation requirements to be constructed first and then build upwards toward the roof. There should be a clear enough plan for the foundation of the central government and also for the foundations of all other local governments and plan for integrating all the foundational aspects. Su Kyi appear incapable of taking responsibility of the central government by not coming up with any reform program, and then with nothing more than blowhard sessions with regard to her peace plan. Only the loonies may take her seriously of her peace initiatives. Building a roof system without knowing the foundation layout or the supporting columns plan makes no sense. Not surprising, all her negotiations kept failing thus far, and she have yet to promulgate any idea that may have the slightest chance to succeed.