Submitted by Aung San U on Thu, 10/01/2020 - 05:43

The main reason for Aung San Su Kyi-NLD (National League for Democracy) won the 2015 General Election was that the Myanmar people were totally fed up with the rule of military dictatorship over five decades. Only the senior generals and their hanger-on's who profited greatly, thought otherwise. The victory was a landslide. Aung San Su Kyi was also backed by the Anglo-Americans. President Obama of USA and Hillary Clinton visited her in Myanmar before the 2015 elections. DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) was set up within Myanmar, funded by foreign money to politically support Aung San Su Kyi and NLD. The medias of Western powers also supported them. President Thein Sein permitted such freedom of the media within Myanmar. Aung San Su Kyi is also Bogyoke Aung San's very wayward daughter. But that irregularity was overlooked or unknown, and many thinking people to their regret found out the hard way only after a few years of NLD assuming state power.  Read my article "Living a Life with Values, Part 3 and Part 1"; should be in the same social media page as this article.