Submitted by Aung San U on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 17:04

General Than Shwe needed to meet a few objectives when designing his Constitution.

Firstly, to have the certain amount of coercive power over any political force that won in the upcoming elections of 2010 and especially 2015 and onwards. The arrangements are to protect the military senior generals, their henchmen, and their cronies from retribution for their ill-gotten gains.

Secondly, If any government dare to prosecute them, the military was to reserve the right (written into the Constitution) to dump the Constitution and grab state power anytime it feels like needing to do without providing any reason.

Thirdly, the Rule of Law apparently is the responsibility of the elected government. But the military itself is above the Law established for civilians, and it will have its own laws to command the military. It is also OK by the military if the civilian government itself likes to break the Law to enrich themselves. That way, the civilian government cannot claim any holier than thou attitudes toward the military. All governments throughout planet Earth have to contend with corruptions, and although the heads of governments ought to be accountable to respect the Law, in the real world, plenty of corruptions habitually occur.